Model # RL-600
Best way to move furniture, appliances, mattresses, electronics, etc. Movers use leverage instead of brute strength. By lifting with your legs, and carrying the load on your shoulders, the items feels lighter. Great tool to use when you are moving houses or apartments. The Ready Lifter works for both men and women, regardless of height. The Ready Lifter allows your hands and arms to be free to open doors, hold onto handrails, or to stabilize the object. It is ergonomically designed to allow movers to stand upright when going up or down stairs. The Ready Lifter helps avoid damage to walls, floor and doors that are common when using hand trucks. The recommended carrying capacity is up to 600 lbs, however, that is subject to the lifters ability. If the item is 600 lbs, each person will need to lift approximately 300 lbs each. Includes 2 harnesses and one 12' long x 3" wide lifting strap. Fits most body types up to a 46" chest

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