Model # CHUSA
Size: 19" x 32" DOLLY
Using a flat 4-wheel dolly for a base, the CHUSA DOLLY utilizes
two side bars to secure the load.
Each side has an adjustable
arm which ratchets to the center of the dolly. This stabilizes
items in a safe, secure, upright position for safe movement. Use
the e-track strap over the top, to secure the load.
Includes: Carpeted 4-wheel dolly, side bars w/ quick-release
mounts and one pull-tight strap.
Call for pricing:

Southern CA
(800) 225-3659
SF Bay Area
(800) 323-6559
Northern CA/Reno(800) 439-3934
Las Vegas/AZ(888) 323-6559
Chicago/Midwest(888) 795-0199
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