Model # EZ-TP
Size: I.D. 86"L x 44 1/4"W x 84"H
Weight: 134 lbs.
Heavy duty corrugated container with heat treated pallet. Top & bottom trays are made of HD double wall corrugated, body is HD triple wall.
Perfect for household shipments, LTL and domestic shipments.
Easy assembly.
Self-adhesive document holder for the outside.
1,000 lb. weight capacity
Empty weight: 171 lbs.
186 cu/ft. useable space
I.D. 86"L x 44 1/4"W x 84"H
O.D. 89"L x 47"W x 89"H
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Southern CA
(800) 225-3659
SF Bay Area
(800) 323-6559
Northern CA/Reno(800) 439-3934
Las Vegas/AZ(888) 323-6559
Chicago/Midwest(888) 795-0199
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